We believe it is important to instill good habits in young children and we encourage them to attend from as young as 1 year. This allows us to share advice on tooth brushing habits, suitable toothpastes, diet control, and fluoride use etc. In addition, it allows us to detect any early stages of dental disease, and to apply preventive techniques.


the first visit

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It is necessary for a parent to come with the child on the first visit, to provide us with important background information and to help the child feel more relaxed. We will allow sufficient time to discuss the child’s past and present general health and their previous experience of doctors and dentists. We will examine the child and wherever necessary, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures will be taken into consideration.

the review visit

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Many dental changes occur in a growing child, and it is important that we monitor the changes at appropriate intervals. At these visits, we will review brushing and plaque control methods.


Sweet foods have become a routine part of the modern lifestyle, and we would like to show our patients how such food and drink can be included in their diet without causing tooth decay. We will encourage your child to maintain high standards of dental health and after your child has been examined we will discuss our findings and recommendations.


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